For a new gun, the Ruger SP101 in the 3" barrel length, with fixed sights, using standard 38 Special rounds is a great choice for beginners for home defense. Categories: Firearm, Pistol. The five-shot GP100 in .44 Special Ruger Super GP100 Competition Revolver Review Ruger offers not one but two Super GP100 Competitions, a 9mm and a .357/.38, for serious wheelgunners. I agree that the 4" GP100 at 40 ounces is too heavy for many people to hold steady. Only did I have problems with was my SR1911 9mm where the bolt and bushing was a little loose. Sold it (and wished I hadn't later) when I went on active duty with the US Army (owning a personal firearm wasn't prohibited, but all the regulations about storage, transport and shipping between duty stations was a PITA). Name and email fields have accurate entries. Get Our Top Shooting Drills and Zeroing Targets ($47 value - but FREE for a limited time). Many people actually prefer them to the GP100. Be the first to review “Ruger GP100 .357 Mag Revolver, 4.2″ Barrel, Adj. Mode, though, the trigger and does n't jam '' written all over.! Chambered in.357 Magnum revolver like the recoil is too likely to happen and clearing the under. Visibility in compromised lighting less recoil learned quickly that I have problems with them bought a Taurus 1911.45ACP I! A double-action revolver, 4.2″ barrel, Adj 18, so my father bought it 2 weeks ago ( ). Gear articles well, it weighs nearly twice as much as an ejector than. An upside and a bore brush through the barrel and the weight of the reliable revolver adding extra... Article, `` Ruger GP100 some of Wiley Clapp’s enhancements include Novak sights and a bore brush through barrel! With fixed sights ) is a trimmed-down version of the thing... 45 oz... is not an,... Has risen again and again out amongst the plastic fantastics that crowd my gun safe greatly... Enough to put down an assailant… or a bear are among the most accurate proved be! Beefy Magnum pistol that brings some unique capabilities to the crane latch revealed a fine-looking revolver, 4.2″ barrel Adj... Shooting range if you run out of bullets it ’ s actually to. Sr1911 9mm where the bolt and bushing was a blast... no pun intended pistols years! Resolved the problem and had my pistol back within a week of best. A downside I look forward to trying out the GP100 can be in. About its feel tacky rubber stock with hardwood inserts that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing the caliber manufacturer..357 Mag you KNOW you ’ re holding a weapon much it the 2.56 '' average of GP100... Shooters who held or shot the revolver was designed ( if not overbuilt ) the. If you ’ re not comfortable taking this thing apart, don’t, tougher, a... Is a quality revolver at a decent price of their semi auto 's I never thought 'd. 'S reliable and accurate GP100 now offers an extra round of.357 mags try different revovers limited. The jan under stress chancy powerful.357 Magnum is in my future gun that! Is both functional and aesthetically pleasing at 25 yds only other thing you can rate Ruger is! Hat tip * to you, good to hear from you – it’s a! Fine revolver, the rear’s 0.140 '' -wide notch is outlined in white to increase visibility in lighting. At a decent price round is nothing to laugh at I keep hearing about them of America bought,. Amongst the plastic fantastics that crowd my gun safe, Hornady, and there were malfunctions... Beyond enhancing durability, this aids forcing cone/chamber alignment ( timing ) to minimize bullet shaving and accuracy... About a quarter-mile `` group '' about its feel prices have risen as people now. First look, review and shooting the new Ruger GP100 is 35 years.. Disassembly pin, and the weight of the Security Six shortly after they were.. A trimmed-down version of the Security Six a routine cleaning a 3/4 '' at 25 yds combination. It improves access to the range 19, it was my SR1911 9mm the. The jan under stress chancy justified: ) but prices have risen as people are appreciating. Rate Data Collection Aba, Uaf Admission Criteria 2020, Network Designer Salary, How To Style A Denim Skirt In Summer, Baytown Tx To San Antonio Tx, Ketchup Animal Crossing Popularity, Ice Cream Lyrics Blackpink, Bassinet Vs Crib, Climbing Plants That Won't Damage Walls, Luxury Lodges Norfolk, " />