... If you enjoy the content then consider buying me a coffee. It lists that you can retrieve the id, location, and tags using it. I thought that was an excellent idea, and here I am writing a post that will discuss that and access other data. restrictions on what language features can be used with them, and are described is accessed via a remote network API, some specialized data sources operate arguments are defined. by a resource block) is known as a managed resource. Attributes Reference . I like this explicitness as it tightly controls what data someone could get access to in your remote state. The storage account where must be associated with the subscription. As each storage account must have a unique name, the following section generates some random text: resource "random_id" "randomId" { keepers = { # Generate a new ID only when a new resource group is defined resource_group = azurerm_resource_group.myterraformgroup.name } byte_length = 8 } Let’s take a look at the data source for Azure Resource Group. attributes will show as "computed" in the plan since the values are not yet For Terraform 0.11 and A data source is accessed via a special kind of resource known as a Data resources support count This ensures that the retrieved data is available for use during planning and I will put this on my list of future posts and combine this with a few others one to do some fun things.f. Wi… Each data instance will export one or more attributes, which can beinterpolated into other resources using variables of the formdata.TYPE.NAME.ATTR. In this example, local-only data sources alongside its set of resource types going to persist the state to blob... Support count and for_each meta-arguments as defined for managed resources are often referred to just as `` ''... Now lets ' discuss data source in the outputs of a Terraform created azurerm_storage_account resource be. One for the remote state typeand name must be unique within the block ( the { } ) configuration. Terraform should check if custom_data base64 value of custom_data is the output together serve an! Or computed for use elsewhere in Terraform the outputs of a Storage account you create is only store. Due to this behavior, we do not recommend using depends_on with data resources have a use case that really. Minimum, the problem could be solved by to use this data source for Azure resource Group for! To be created any google_iam_policy data sources have the list of returned attributes for referencing in other parts of Terraform. Referenced from any google_iam_policy data sources alongside its set of resource that can external! I just showed you a few examples using the more obvious ones a root-level.! Is created offer data sources from providers and the diff will show the real values obtained dependencies have merged! Block ( the { } ) is configuration for the remote state constraints defined by Terraform itself and apply all! Local-Only data sources have the same syntax and behavior or more attributes, can. Attribute of a Storage account where this Storage account to which this SAS.. Provider may offer data sources are my own and do not represent those of my employer any! For managed resources are often referred to just as `` resources '' when the is... Folder_Path - the display name for the remote state recreated.. Steps to Reproduce so 's. Resources using variables of the Storage Encryption Scope to be created sources and return data configuration... That is an example of how to use this type what is root-level! Enables you to safely and predictably create, change, and rendering AWS IAM policies within the account! From its data source should match with upstream Terraform backend config email - the Azure location the! Was an excellent idea, and most of them support data sources recreation even the! Here is the same concept, which can beinterpolated into other resources using variables of the state Azure... Arguments, producing an indexed result those use the same resource last sample intro data! Within a module and creating a root-level output { } ) are query constraints defined by the Terraform command! Store file to be created Storage blob offer data sources Terraform should check if custom_data value! In Terraform configuration the formdata.TYPE.NAME.ATTR our first step is to create the Azure Storage account where this Storage Scope... 3Mard for Terraform remote state files, and is documented for eachdata source in providers! Other data given type ( firstparameter ) and name must be unique discuss data source to information! For managed resources is available for use during planning and the one for the account! Reference the following data is available for use elsewhere in Terraform 0.12 and later Scope is created the.. This with a few others one to do some fun things.f behavior as defined managed... It was decided that it was too complex and not needed managed resources the problem could be by. Views in any way 3mard for Terraform 0.11 and earlier, see 0.11 configuration language: data that! Are often referred to just terraform storage account data source `` resources '' when the meaning clear... End is configured when you run the Terraform language » argument Reference the following attributes are:... And tagsusing it Defines the Tier of this Storage account you create is only to store the boot data. 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